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Trade 80+ currency pairs

1:500 Leverage*
1:500 Leverage*
Control positions up to 500 times the size of your deposit. Remember that leverage notonly magnifies the probability of profits but also of losses.
Volume-Based Rewards
Volume-Based Rewards
When you trade higher volume, we reward you with discounts on your commissions.
Ultra-Low Spreads
Copy & Automated Trading
Trade major currency pairs such as EURUSD and GBPUSD with spreads from 0.0 pips.
Superior Execution
Superior Execution
Have your orders filled in milliseconds and trade with no requotes or pricemanipulation.

Forex - Spreads & Trading Conditions

SymbolCategoryMin. Price FluctuationLot SizeDaily Average SpreadSwap LongSwap ShortLeverage
AUDCAD Australasian0.00001100000 AUD1.16-0.202-0.6321:500
AUDCHF Australasian0.00001100000 AUD0.990.233-0.9331:500
AUDJPY Minor0.001100000 AUD0.920.13-0.8251:500
AUDNZD Australasian0.00001100000 AUD1.44-0.465-0.5231:500
AUDSGD Australasian0.00001100000 AUD1.52-0.8-1.31:500
AUDUSD Major0.00001100000 AUD0.51-0.173-0.2481:500
AUDZAR 0.00001100000 AUD103.02-62.5-67.81:500
CADCHF Minor0.00001100000 CAD0.980.072-0.7841:500
CADJPY Minor0.001100000 CAD1.03-0.052-0.6561:500
CADMXN 0.00001100000 CAD75.62-30151:500
CHFJPY Minor0.001100000 CHF1.58-0.756-0.291:500
CHFSGD Australasian0.00001100000 CHF6.97-1.65-0.991:500
EURAUD Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.29-1.6570.4271:500
EURCAD Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.31-1.2850.0771:500
EURCHF Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.26-0.192-0.4361:500
EURCZK Exotic0.0001100000 EUR20.56-1.546-0.8171:500
EURDKK 0.00001100000 EUR7.08-4.325-4.4881:500
EURGBP Minor0.00001100000 EUR0.7-0.441-0.0011:500
EURHKD 0.00001100000 EUR10.83-6.84-3.9991:500
EURHUF Exotic0.001100000 EUR14.75-2.263-1.5971:500
EURJPY Minor0.001100000 EUR0.73-0.423-0.2231:500
EURMXN Exotic0.00001100000 EUR65.48-70.03933.2151:500
EURNOK Scandinavian0.00001100000 EUR23.97-8.269-2.941:500
EURNZD Minor0.00001100000 EUR2.02-1.7810.3381:500
EURPLN Exotic0.00001100000 EUR18.77-5.116-0.081:500
EURRON 0.00001100000 EUR70.56-3.885-2.41:500
EURRUB 0.00001100000 EUR575.37-229.51.331:500
EURSEK Scandinavian0.00001100000 EUR28.11-5.637-6.5391:500
EURSGD Australasian0.00001100000 EUR3.330.25-0.891:500
EURTRY Exotic0.00001100000 EUR31.06-22.36510.61:500
EURUSD Major0.00001100000 EUR0.28-1.30.11:500
EURZAR Exotic0.00001100000 EUR64.43-32.121:500
GBPAUD Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.8-1.473-0.041:500
GBPCAD Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.98-1.054-0.4311:500
GBPCHF Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.620.092-0.9721:500
GBPDKK 0.00001100000 GBP27.37-4-151:500
GBPJPY Minor0.001100000 GBP1.24-0.134-0.6921:500
GBPNOK Scandinavian0.00001100000 GBP29.76-6.911-6.551:500
GBPNZD Australasian0.00001100000 GBP3.63-1.588-0.1751:500
GBPSEK Scandinavian0.00001100000 GBP32.8-3.71-10.9041:500
GBPSGD 0.00001100000 GBP9.5-1.125-1.141:500
GBPUSD Major0.00001100000 GBP0.71-0.9270.2431:500
GBPZAR Exotic0.00001100000 GBP73.61-40.31911.761:500
NOKJPY 0.00001100000 NOK60.95-1.05-10.351:500
NOKSEK Scandinavian0.00001100000 NOK5.89-0.323-1.0151:500
NZDCAD Australasian0.00001100000 NZD1.39-0.254-0.6091:500
NZDCHF Minor0.00001100000 NZD1.130.172-0.8891:500
NZDJPY Minor0.001100000 NZD1.190.069-0.7891:500
NZDSGD Exotic0.00001100000 NZD1.690.15-0.691:500
NZDUSD Major0.00001100000 NZD0.78-0.212-0.2441:500
SGDJPY Australasian0.001100000 SGD2.14-0.357-0.6521:500
USDCAD Major0.00001100000 USD0.75-0.2-0.71:500
USDCHF Major0.00001100000 USD0.920.507-1.6011:500
USDCNH Exotic0.00001100000 USD7.15-5.674-2.7161:500
USDCZK Exotic0.0001100000 USD9.37-0.494-1.7631:500
USDDKK Exotic0.00001100000 USD3.550-7.5031:500
USDHKD Exotic0.00001100000 USD1.59-1.032-8.2141:500
USDHUF Exotic0.001100000 USD12.630.32-1.61:500
USDJPY Major0.001100000 USD0.50.405-1.0351:500
USDMXN Exotic0.00001100000 USD47.64-46.64315.6481:500
USDNOK Exotic0.00001100000 USD22.03-2.21-7.3371:500
USDPLN Exotic0.00001100000 USD13.11-2.19-2.2271:500
USDRON 0.00001100000 USD45.11-0.165-1.11:500
USDRUB Exotic0.00001100000 USD282.37-79.80.751:500
USDSEK Exotic0.00001100000 USD22.870.276-10.6431:500
USDSGD Exotic0.00001100000 USD1.35-0.345-1.2621:500
USDTRY Exotic0.00001100000 USD24.26-24.2478.3651:500
USDZAR Exotic0.00001100000 USD78.31-29.5749.5381:500

The average spreads shown are calculated on a monthly basis. Though Fondex attempts to provide competitive spreads during all trading hours, clients should note that these may vary and are susceptible to underlying market conditions. Clients are advised to check important news announcements, which may result in the widening of spreads, amongst other instances. Additionally, clients are advised to read carefully the Terms and Conditions and Order Execution Policy, and check the live spreads in the platform.

If you leave an open position for the next trading day, you pay or you obtain the certain amount, calculated on the basis of interest rates difference of two currencies in currency pair, or stock/index currency's relevant interbank rates. This operation is called 'swap'. In the trading terminal, 'swap' is automatically converted into the deposit currency. The operation is conducted at 00.00 (GMT+2 time zone. From Wednesday to Thursday swap is charged for three days. The swap live charges can be found in the platform.

We help you make informed decisions
Daily Technical Analysis
Either you are a short, medium or long term trader, our daily technical analysis can be a valuable addition to your trading arsenal.
Trading Central
Get high-quality trading signals from Trading Central, a leading technical analysis research house, and inform your decision making with valuable market insights.

Trading involves risk of loss

How would you like to trade Forex?
Fondex cTrader features an impressive array of trading tools that can help you analyse the Forex market with efficiency and precision.
  • Tight spreads & reliable execution
  • 70+ pre-installed indicators
  • Custom indicators
  • 26 time frames
  • Live Sentiment data
  • Chart trading
  • Advanced Take Profit & Stop Loss
  • Depth of Market

Trading involves risk of loss

Fondex cTrader’s Copy functionality enables you to copy strategies from other traders or provide signals and charge a fee.
  • Vast selection of strategies to copy
  • Efficient risk management
  • Can start and stop copying at your will
  • Flexible allocation of funds
  • Detailed performance reports
  • Full transparency & access to historical data

Trading involves risk of loss

Use cBots to monitor and trade multiple Forex pairs at the same time. When you use cBots to trade, an algorithm opens and closes your positions without any decision-making on your part.

For beginners:

  • Great choice of available cBots for various trading strategies and risk tolerance levels
  • Simple Plug and Play functionality

For advanced traders:

  • Ability to create your own cBot or custom indicator

Trading involves risk of loss

Frequently Asked Questions
Currencies are traded in pairs. When you trade currencies, you are simultaneously buying one currency and selling the other. For example, when you are buying EURUSD, you speculate that the price of Euro will rise against the USD. If you are correct and the market moves towards your predicted direction, you make a profit. If the market moves against your position, you make a loss.
The minimum deposit amount in order to start trading with Fondex is $200.
Position size or trading volume is how many lots or currency units you take on a particular trade. When trading currencies on Fondex cTrader, the minimum trading volume is 0.01 lot or 1000 currency units.
  • With Fondex, you can trade not only over 80 currency pairs but also hundreds of other instruments across Shares, Indices, Metals, Energies and ETFs.
  • Apart from manual trading, Fondex cTrader includes innovative Copy & Automated trading functionalities to satisfy any trading preference you may have.
  • We guarantee competitive spreads and reliable execution at all times.
Your trading account can be up and running in less than 2 minutes. Please follow the steps below:
  • Step 1. Click Open Account.
  • Step 2. Fill in your email, password and phone number.
  • Step 3. Launch the platform and fund your account to start trading!
  • Please note that you will need to verify your account within 15 days from initial contact.