Monetise your trading activity

Easy to share your strategy

Simply register as a Strategy Provider and share your expertise on Fondex cTrader Copy.

Earn as you trade

Charge your followers fees for copying you and earn as you trade.

Choose how you'd like to be paid

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in deciding how you'd like to be paid and choose among three types of fees.

Receive your commissions promptly

Depending on what commissions you decide to charge for your strategy, you can get paid either daily or monthly.


Trading involves risk of loss

Will you lead the way on our superior copy trading platform?

A growing number of investors are looking for tested strategies to copy.

Share your strategies on Fondex cTrader Copy and watch your capital grow.
Volume-based Commissions

You can earn commissions based on the volume your Investors have traded while copying your strategy.

Performance Fees

Take a percentage of your Investors' profit using a high-water mark, which ensures that the Investor only gets charged when your strategy perfoms well.

Management Fees

Representing an annual percentage of the Investor's equity, management fees are calculated daily and paid at the end of each month.

To perform well, you need trading tools that offer you maximum precision.
Leading-edge trading tools

Perform technical analysis with 70+ pre-installed indicators, consult our Live Sentiment data, set Advanced Protection and increase your trading speed with our drag & drop chart trading.

Advanced Analytics

Access detailed statistics on the performance of your strategy and view your History of Followers, a chart that helps you understand the growth of Investors over time.

Strategy Profiles and Promotion

Customise your strategy's visual representation and share it with external sources to attract more Investors.

How to become a Strategy Provider


Launch Fondex cTrader to open an account.


Verify your account and deposit funds.


Select the Copy option.


Click on your account and then on 'Become a Strategy Provider.'


Set up your profile and start sharing your strategy.


Trading involves risk of loss

Často Kladené Otázky
Fondex doesn’t impose any restrictions or special requirements to traders who want to share their strategy. Youneed to have an account with Fondex which you can convert into a strategy via Fondex cTrader Copy.
Yes, it is free. Strategy Providers don’t pay any fees to Fondex.
  No, you don’t. If you wish to convert your account into a strategy, select the account you'd like to use from the dropdown menu at the left of your screen and then click the “Become a Strategy Provider” button.
No, you cannot do this using the same account. If you wish to follow other traders' strategies, you 'll have to open a separate account.
If you don't have any open position or if you have no investors copying your strategy, you may cancel at any time.
Deciding what to charge for your strategy is a personal matter, but we can give you some guidelines to help you set a fee. For example, you may want to consider what is the average fee that other Strategy Providers charge and how your strategy’s performance compares to theirs. To increase the likelihood of your strategy being copied, it is also advisable to take into account what an investor would be willing to pay. You may even decide that you want to charge zero fees for your strategy, which will then be marked as free. On Fondex cTrader Copy, you can set up 3 different types of fees: a Management Fee (up to 10% of your strategy investor’s equity), a Performance Fee (up to 50% of your strategy investor’s net profit) and the Volume Fee (anything between 1 to 100 USD per million volume).
Fondex will pay the fees you charge in the form of a deposit. For Performance and Management fees, payment will be made once a month, at the end of each month. For Volume Fees, payment will be realised daily, at the end of each day.
Fondex cTrader Copy enables you to share your strategy profile real-time, outside of the platform. This is done with an embeddable code that you can find in your Strategy Provider’s information screen. You may use this code to share your strategy on your website or send private invitations to potential investors by email.
Fondex cTrader Copy enables you to set a Minimum Investment Amount for the Investors who wish to follow your strategy. Setting an entry level, helps you have a more meaningful return.