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Ukuran Posisi Fleksibel

Trading Costs/Conditions per Asset Class

SimbolKategoriMin. Fluktuasi hargaUkuran LotDaily Average SpreadSwap PanjangSwap PendekLeverage
AUDCAD Australasia0.00001100000 AUD1.16-0.202-0.6321:500
AUDCHF Australasia0.00001100000 AUD0.990.233-0.9331:500
AUDJPY Minor0.001100000 AUD0.920.13-0.8251:500
AUDNZD Australasia0.00001100000 AUD1.44-0.465-0.5231:500
AUDSGD Australasia0.00001100000 AUD1.52-0.8-1.31:500
AUDUSD Utama0.00001100000 AUD0.51-0.173-0.2481:500
AUDZAR 0.00001100000 AUD103.02-62.5-67.81:500
CADCHF Minor0.00001100000 CAD0.980.072-0.7841:500
CADJPY Minor0.001100000 CAD1.03-0.052-0.6561:500
CADMXN 0.00001100000 CAD75.62-30151:500
CHFJPY Minor0.001100000 CHF1.58-0.756-0.291:500
CHFSGD Australasia0.00001100000 CHF6.97-1.65-0.991:500
EURAUD Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.29-1.6570.4271:500
EURCAD Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.31-1.2850.0771:500
EURCHF Minor0.00001100000 EUR1.26-0.192-0.4361:500
EURCZK Eksotik0.0001100000 EUR20.56-1.546-0.8171:500
EURDKK 0.00001100000 EUR7.08-4.325-4.4881:500
EURGBP Minor0.00001100000 EUR0.7-0.441-0.0011:500
EURHKD 0.00001100000 EUR10.83-6.84-3.9991:500
EURHUF Eksotik0.001100000 EUR14.75-2.263-1.5971:500
EURJPY Minor0.001100000 EUR0.73-0.423-0.2231:500
EURMXN Eksotik0.00001100000 EUR65.48-70.03933.2151:500
EURNOK Skandinavia0.00001100000 EUR23.97-8.269-2.941:500
EURNZD Minor0.00001100000 EUR2.02-1.7810.3381:500
EURPLN Eksotik0.00001100000 EUR18.77-5.116-0.081:500
EURRON 0.00001100000 EUR70.56-3.885-2.41:500
EURRUB 0.00001100000 EUR575.37-229.51.331:500
EURSEK Skandinavia0.00001100000 EUR28.11-5.637-6.5391:500
EURSGD Australasia0.00001100000 EUR3.330.25-0.891:500
EURTRY Eksotik0.00001100000 EUR31.06-22.36510.61:500
EURUSD Utama0.00001100000 EUR0.28-1.30.11:500
EURZAR Eksotik0.00001100000 EUR64.43-32.1101:500
GBPAUD Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.8-1.473-0.041:500
GBPCAD Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.98-1.054-0.4311:500
GBPCHF Minor0.00001100000 GBP1.620.092-0.9721:500
GBPDKK 0.00001100000 GBP27.37-4-151:500
GBPJPY Minor0.001100000 GBP1.24-0.134-0.6921:500
GBPNOK Skandinavia0.00001100000 GBP29.76-6.911-6.551:500
GBPNZD Australasia0.00001100000 GBP3.63-1.588-0.1751:500
GBPSEK Skandinavia0.00001100000 GBP32.8-3.71-10.9041:500
GBPSGD 0.00001100000 GBP9.5-1.125-1.141:500
GBPUSD Utama0.00001100000 GBP0.71-0.9270.2431:500
GBPZAR Eksotik0.00001100000 GBP73.61-40.31911.761:500
NOKJPY 0.00001100000 NOK60.95-1.05-10.351:500
NOKSEK Skandinavia0.00001100000 NOK5.89-0.323-1.0151:500
NZDCAD Australasia0.00001100000 NZD1.39-0.254-0.6091:500
NZDCHF Minor0.00001100000 NZD1.130.172-0.8891:500
NZDJPY Minor0.001100000 NZD1.190.069-0.7891:500
NZDSGD Eksotik0.00001100000 NZD1.690.15-0.691:500
NZDUSD Utama0.00001100000 NZD0.78-0.212-0.2441:500
SGDJPY Australasia0.001100000 SGD2.14-0.357-0.6521:500
USDCAD Utama0.00001100000 USD0.75-0.2-0.71:500
USDCHF Utama0.00001100000 USD0.920.507-1.6011:500
USDCNH Eksotik0.00001100000 USD7.15-5.674-2.7161:500
USDCZK Eksotik0.0001100000 USD9.37-0.494-1.7631:500
USDDKK Eksotik0.00001100000 USD3.553107-7.5031:500
USDHKD Eksotik0.00001100000 USD1.59-1.032-8.2141:500
USDHUF Eksotik0.001100000 USD12.630.32-1.61:500
USDJPY Utama0.001100000 USD0.50.405-1.0351:500
USDMXN Eksotik0.00001100000 USD47.64-46.64315.6481:500
USDNOK Eksotik0.00001100000 USD22.03-2.21-7.3371:500
USDPLN Eksotik0.00001100000 USD13.11-2.19-2.2271:500
USDRON 0.00001100000 USD45.11-0.165-1.11:500
USDRUB Eksotik0.00001100000 USD282.37-79.80.751:500
USDSEK Eksotik0.00001100000 USD22.870.276-10.6431:500
USDSGD Eksotik0.00001100000 USD1.35-0.345-1.2621:500
USDTRY Eksotik0.00001100000 USD24.26-24.2478.3651:500
USDZAR Eksotik0.00001100000 USD78.31-29.5749.5381:500
SimbolKutipan AsetRata-Rata SpreadSwap PanjangSwap PendekLeverage
NETHERLANDS 25 EUR0.22-0.5-0.51:100
US 500 USD0.33-1-11:100
EUROPE 50 EUR1.33-1.5-1.51:100
FRANCE 40 EUR1.17-1.5-1.51:100
AUSTRALIA 200 AUD1.74-1.5-1.51:100
US TECH 100 USD1.17-1.5-1.51:100
UK 100 GBP1.4-1.5-1.51:100
SWITZERLAND 20 CHF2.01-1.5-1.51:100
SPAIN 35 EUR6-2-21:100
GERMANY 30 EUR0.9-0.75-0.751:100
ITALY 40 EUR10.54-3.5-3.51:100
US 30 USD1.65-3-31:100
HONG KONG 50 HKD8.09-4-41:100
SimbolKategoriSubkategoriKutipan AsetMin. Fluktuasi hargaMin. Ukuran LotSwap PanjangSwap PendekLeverage
AVON PRODUCTS US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
AK STEEL US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
SOUTHWESTERN ENERGY US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
KOSMOS ENERGY US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
OASIS PETROLEUM US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
SUPERIOR ENERGY SERVICES US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BANCORP US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
AES US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
BRISTOW US Shares USD0.0123-0.1-0.110
FORD MOTOR US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
ACCO US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA UNICOM US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA LIFE INSURANCE US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CALIFORNIA RESOURCES US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
SNAPCHAT US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
GUESS US Shares USD0.0147-0.1-0.110
DIAMOND OFFSHORE US Shares USD0.0145-0.1-0.110
SUNSTONE HOTEL US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
ABERCROMBIE US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
GENERAL ELECTRIC US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
FIAT CHRYSLER US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
VERIFONE SYSTEMS US Shares USD0.0131-0.1-0.110
KINDER MORGAN US Shares USD0.0131-0.1-0.110
NEW YORK TIMES US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
KIMCO REALTY US Shares USD0.0140-0.1-0.110
GAMESTOP US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
CHIMERA INVESTMENT US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
WESTERN UNION US Shares USD0.0149-0.1-0.110
COTY US Shares USD0.0135-0.1-0.110
MSG NETWORKS US Shares USD0.0113-0.1-0.110
SM ENERGY US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
HP US Shares USD0.0134-0.1-0.110
TWITTER US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
HERTZ US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
GEO GROUP US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
RPC US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
MOSAIC US Shares USD0.0123-0.1-0.110
TRIUMPH US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
NOBLE ENERGY US Shares USD0.0131-0.1-0.110
LOUISIANA-PACIFIC US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
ACADIA REALTY TRUST US Shares USD0.0131-0.1-0.110
ALLY FINANCIAL US Shares USD0.0145-0.1-0.110
JUNIPER NETWORKS US Shares USD0.0136-0.1-0.110
BANK OF AMERICA US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
XEROX US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
HUNTSMAN US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
US STEEL US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MGM US Shares USD0.0145-0.1-0.110
GAP US Shares USD0.0129-0.1-0.110
PFIZER US Shares USD0.0128-0.1-0.110
INVESCO US Shares USD0.0126-0.1-0.110
NIELSEN HOLDINGS US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
AARONS US Shares USD0.0127-0.1-0.110
AT&T US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
DEVON ENERGY US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
AECOM US Shares USD0.0133-0.1-0.110
IRON MOUNTAIN US Shares USD0.0134-0.1-0.110
ALLISON TRANSMISSION US Shares USD0.0134-0.1-0.110
CITIZENS FINANCIAL US Shares USD0.0137-0.1-0.110
GENERAL MOTORS US Shares USD0.0132-0.1-0.110
ALCOA US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
YELP US Shares USD0.0139-0.1-0.110
SPIRIT AIRLINES US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
FRANKLIN RESOURCES US Shares USD0.0123-0.1-0.110
THOMSON REUTERS US Shares USD0.0125-0.1-0.110
ALLIANT ENERGY US Shares USD0.0116-0.1-0.110
AIR LEASE US Shares USD0.0128-0.1-0.110
FOOT LOCKER US Shares USD0.0114-0.1-0.110
ROLLINS US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
COCA-COLA US Shares USD0.0124-0.1-0.110
TARGA RESOURCES US Shares USD0.0114-0.1-0.110
ENERGIZER US Shares USD0.0125-0.1-0.110
GENERAC HOLDINGS US Shares USD0.0136-0.1-0.110
LOEWS US Shares USD0.0126-0.1-0.110
ORACLE US Shares USD0.0125-0.1-0.110
Lazard US Shares USD0.0119-0.1-0.110
XCEL ENERGY US Shares USD0.0128-0.1-0.110
HARLEY-DAVIDSON US Shares USD0.0117-0.1-0.110
METLIFE US Shares USD0.0118-0.1-0.110
VERIZON US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
MORGAN STANLEY US Shares USD0.0126-0.1-0.110
DELTA AIR LINES US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
BANK OF NEW YORK US Shares USD0.0122-0.1-0.110
ABBOTT US Shares USD0.0120-0.1-0.110
UTILITIES SELECT SECTOR US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BIG LOTS US Shares USD0.0124-0.1-0.110
CROWN HOLDINGS US Shares USD0.0120-0.1-0.110
AIG US Shares USD0.0116-0.1-0.110
BLACK HILLS US Shares USD0.0124-0.1-0.110
TAUBMAN CENTERS US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
KIRBY US Shares USD0.0114-0.1-0.110
VENTAS US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
TUPPERWARE US Shares USD0.0117-0.1-0.110
NIKE US Shares USD0.019-0.1-0.110
WESTROCK US Shares USD0.0116-0.1-0.110
BEST BUY US Shares USD0.0133-0.1-0.110
Carnival US Shares USD0.0119-0.1-0.110
KELLOGG US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
REGENCY CENTERS US Shares USD0.0150-0.1-0.110
ALASKA AIR US Shares USD0.0113-0.1-0.110
58.COM US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ENERGY SELECT SECTOR US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
EDISON US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
HERBALIFE US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
HYATT US Shares USD0.0119-0.1-0.110
GRUBHUB US Shares USD0.0135-0.1-0.110
AGCO US Shares USD0.0118-0.1-0.110
ALTRIA US Shares USD0.0118-0.1-0.110
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE US Shares USD0.0115-0.1-0.110
DISCOVER FINANCIAL US Shares USD0.0118-0.1-0.110
XLI US Shares USD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CITIGROUP US Shares USD0.0117-0.1-0.110
TOTAL SYSTEM SERVICES US Shares USD0.0121-0.1-0.110
HILTON US Shares USD0.0139-0.1-0.110
PAYCOM US Shares USD0.0127-0.1-0.110
YUM! US Shares USD0.0111-0.1-0.110
EXXON US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
MICROSOFT US Shares USD0.013105-0.2-0.110
MSC US Shares USD0.0114-0.2-0.110
AMPHENOL US Shares USD0.0118-0.2-0.110
DR PEPPER SNAPPLE US Shares USD0.0112-0.2-0.110
MOTOROLA US Shares USD0.0116-0.2-0.110
TIFFANY US Shares USD0.0111-0.2-0.110
RALPH LAUREN US Shares USD0.013105-0.2-0.110
ABBVIE US Shares USD0.0115-0.2-0.110
AMEX US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
WAL-MART US Shares USD0.0114-0.2-0.110
GLOBAL PAYMENTS US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
PHILIPS 66 US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
Centene US Shares USD0.0114-0.2-0.110
ADVANCE AUTO PARTS US Shares USD0.016-0.2-0.110
FERRARI US Shares USD0.0150-0.2-0.110
WALT DISNEY US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
PHILIP MORRIS US Shares USD0.0112-0.2-0.110
CARLISLE US Shares USD0.0110-0.2-0.110
EAGLE MATERIALS US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
VISA US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
PACKAGING US Shares USD0.0114-0.2-0.110
CHEVRON US Shares USD0.0112-0.2-0.110
POLARIS US Shares USD0.017-0.2-0.110
UNION PACIFIC US Shares USD0.0111-0.2-0.110
FEDERAL REALTY US Shares USD0.017-0.2-0.110
GRACO US Shares USD0.0114-0.1-0.110
TRAVELERS COMPANIES US Shares USD0.013105-0.2-0.110
ECOLAB US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
AMERICAN TOWER US Shares USD0.0110-0.2-0.110
PALO ALTO NETWORKS US Shares USD0.016-0.2-0.110
Chubb US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
CATERPILLAR US Shares USD0.0113-0.2-0.110
MOODYS US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
MASTERCARD US Shares USD0.0110-0.2-0.110
IBM US Shares USD0.016-0.2-0.110
VALMONT US Shares USD0.019-0.2-0.110
WHIRLPOOL US Shares USD0.016-0.2-0.110
ACUITY BRANDS US Shares USD0.015-0.3-0.110
ALLERGAN US Shares USD0.015-0.3-0.110
APPLE US Shares USD0.013105-0.3-0.110
MC DONALDS US Shares USD0.0110-0.3-0.110
ALIBABA US Shares USD0.0113-0.3-0.110
FACEBOOK US Shares USD0.013105-0.3-0.110
AETNA US Shares USD0.019-0.3-0.110
HOME DEPOT US Shares USD0.019-0.3-0.110
NETFLIX US Shares USD0.013105-0.3-0.110
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION US Shares USD0.019-0.3-0.110
PARKER HANNIFIN US Shares USD0.019-0.3-0.110
AFFILIATED MANAGERS US Shares USD0.015-0.3-0.110
BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY US Shares USD0.017-0.3-0.110
LENNOX US Shares USD0.018-0.3-0.110
THE GARDEN US Shares USD0.0150-0.3-0.110
ALLIANCE DATA SYSTEMS US Shares USD0.014-0.4-0.210
MMM US Shares USD0.017-0.3-0.210
FEDEX US Shares USD0.016-0.4-0.210
ESSEX PROPERTY TRUST US Shares USD0.014-0.3-0.210
GOLDMAN SACHS US Shares USD0.015-0.4-0.210
SPDR S&P 500 US Shares USD0.015-0.4-0.210
MOHAWK INDUSTRIES US Shares USD0.015-0.4-0.210
BOEING US Shares USD0.017-0.4-0.210
TESLA MOTORS US Shares USD0.013105-0.4-0.210
BLACKROCK US Shares USD0.015-0.7-0.310
ALPHABET US Shares USD0.013105-1.4-0.510
AMAZON US Shares USD0.013105-1.5-0.610
NYRSTAR Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BEKAERT Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TELENET Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
UCB Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GROUPE BRUXELLES LAMBERT Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AB INBEV Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
COFINIMMO Saham Uni EropaBelgiaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
BOLLORE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
NATIXIS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
EDF Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AIR FRANCE-KLM Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ALTRAN TECHNOLOGIES Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CREDIT AGRICOLE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SUEZ Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
REXEL Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
PEUGEOT Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CARREFOUR Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
EUTELSAT COMMUNICATIONS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
VIVENDI Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BUREAU VERITAS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AXA Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
LAGARDERE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
KORIAN Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ALSTOM Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
KLEPIERRE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BOUYGUES Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SOCIETE GENERALE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TOTAL Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
NEXANS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CASINO Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
LEGRAND Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BNP PARIBAS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DANONE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BIOMERIEUX Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
RENAULT Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SAFRAN Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
VINCI Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SOCIETE BIC Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
FNAC Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
CAPGEMINI Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
IPSEN Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ARKEMA Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AIR LIQUIDE Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
MICHELIN Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
PERNOD-RICARD Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
ATOS Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
L'OREAL Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.2-0.210
ILIAD Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00150-0.2-0.210
CHRISTIAN DIOR Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00120-0.3-0.310
HERMES Saham Uni EropaPerancisEUR0.00113-0.4-0.510
TELEFONICA DEUTSCHLAND Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ADVA OPTICAL Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DEUTZ Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
NORDEX Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
METRO Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
COMMERZBANK Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
EVOTEC Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DEUTSCHE TELEKOM Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TAG IMMOBILIEN Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DEUTSCHE BANK Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
INFINEON Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
THYSSEN-KRUPP Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
JENOPTIK Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
LUFTHANSA Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
EVONIK Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AAREAL BANK Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BILFINGER Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GEA GROUP Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SOFTWARE Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CARL ZEISS Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AXEL SPRINGER Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DRILLISCH Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CANCOM Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
KION GROUP Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BECHTLE Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BAYERISCHE MOTOREN WERKE Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
FRAPORT Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
LEG Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DEUTSCHE BOERSE Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BEIERSDORF Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DUERR Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
RHEINMETALL Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
BAYER Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SIEMENS Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.1-0.210
HOCHTIEF Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.0150-0.2-0.210
ADIDAS Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00130-0.2-0.210
VOLKSWAGEN Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00110-0.2-0.210
ALLIANZ Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.2-0.210
CONTINENTAL Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00150-0.2-0.310
PUMA Saham Uni EropaJermanEUR0.00120-0.3-0.410
TELECOM ITALIA Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
CIR Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
A2A Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
UNIPOLSAI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
SARAS Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
PIAGGIO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
INTESA SANPAOLO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
PARMALAT Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SALINI IMPREGILO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SNAM Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TERNA Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ITALGAS Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
ENEL Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
DAVIDE CAMPARI-MILANO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
FINECOBANK Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
CATTOLICA ASSICURAZIONI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
MEDIOBANCA Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CERVED Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
AUTOGRILL Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CNH INDUSTRIAL Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00013105-0.1-0.110
ANSALDO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
AMPLIFON Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BREMBO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
TENARIS Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
ENI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
GENERALI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.013105-0.1-0.110
ERG Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AZIMUT Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
UNICREDIT Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
STMICROELECTRONICS Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BUZZI UNICEM Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
SALVATORE FERRAGAMO Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
MONCLER Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.000150-0.1-0.110
BRUNELLO CUCINELLI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
ATLANTIA Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
PRYSMIAN Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
RECORDATI Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
LUXOTTICA Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
TOD'S Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
DIASORIN Saham Uni EropaItaliaEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
POSTNL Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
BINCKBANK Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
AEGON Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ALTICE Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TOMTOM Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-1-110
SBM OFFSHORE Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BRUNEL INTERNATIONAL Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ARCADIS Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
OCI Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
NN GROUP Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
EURONEXT Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
RANDSTAD Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
IMCD GROUP Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ASML Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.2-0.210
SONAE Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
REDES ENERGETICAS NACIONAIS Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ENERGIAS DE PORTUGAL Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
MOTA ENGIL Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ALTRI Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GALP ENERGIA Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
JERONIMO MARTINS Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
SEMAPA Saham Uni EropaBelandaEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
MAPFRE Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
CAIXABANK Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BANKIA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
IBERDROLA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BANKINTER Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TELEFONICA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.0013105-0.1-0.110
MEDIASET Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
INDRA SISTEMAS S.A. Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ACERINOX Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GAMESA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
REPSOL Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
FERROVIAL Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ENDESA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ABERTIS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
RED ELECTRICA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
EBRO FOODS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GAS NATURAL Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
GRIFOLS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
TECNICAS REUNIDAS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
BOLSAS Y MERCADOS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ACS Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
VISCOFAN Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
AMADEUS IT HOLDING Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.00150-0.1-0.110
ACCIONA Saham Uni EropaSpanyolEUR0.0150-0.1-0.110
CREDIT SUISSE Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.013105-0.1-0.110
UBS GROUP Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
ABB Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
CLARIANT Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
LOGITECH Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
ADECCO Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
DKSH Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
NOVARTIS Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
NESTLE Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
CIE FINANCIERE RICHEMONT Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
SWISS RE Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.110
TEMENOS Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.210
DUFRY Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.210
PANALPINA WELTTRANSPORT Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.1-0.210
U-BLOX Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.2-0.310
LONZA Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.2-0.310
ZURICH Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0110-0.2-0.410
VZ HOLDING Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.3-0.410
SWISS LIFE Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.2-0.210
SWATCH Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.3-0.510
SWISSCOM Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-0.4-0.610
GIVAUDAN Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.0150-1.5-2.410
LINDT Saham Uni EropaSwissCHF0.013105-43.2-71.210
LLOYDS Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-0.1-0.110
BARCLAYS Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-0.2-0.210
RBS Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.0150-0.3-0.210
BP Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-0.5-0.410
HSBC Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-0.8-0.610
GLAXOSMITHKLINE Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-1.3-110
BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO Saham Uni EropaKerajaan InggrisGBX0.013105-4.7-3.410
LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SEVEN WEST MEDIA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SPOTLESS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SOUTHERN CROSS MEDIA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
KAROON GAS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
CARDNO Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ASALEO CARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
FLEXIGROUP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
AUSNET SERVICES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
HEALTHSCOPE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ALUMINA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
EVOLUTION MINING Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SCP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MIRVAC Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
QUBE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
AVEO Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SPARK INFRASTRUCTURE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
VOCUS COMMUNICATIONS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
STEADFAST Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
GWA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WESTERN AREAS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
METCASH Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
MEDIBANK PRIVATE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SOUTH32 Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
G8 EDUCATION Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TASSAL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
AUTOMOTIVE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TELSTRA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
INCITEC PIVOT Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ESTIA HEALTH Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
VILLAGE ROADSHOW Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
REGIS RESOURCES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
HARVEY NORMAN Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SYRAH Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ABACUS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
INDEPENDENCE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SCENTRE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0150-0.1-0.110
STOCKLAND Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CSR Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
INVESTA OFFICE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
FORTESCUE METALS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SANTOS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TABCORP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
AMP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
QANTAS AIRWAYS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
NAVITAS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
AURIZON Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
PACT GROUP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CHARTER HALL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TPG TELECOM Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SANDFIRE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ADELAIDE BRIGHTON Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
DOWNER EDI Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ALS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
INSURANCE AUSTRALIA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SYDNEY AIRPORT Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
PLATINUM ASSET MANAGEMENT Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
OIL SEARCH Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
DULUXGROUP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
GRAINCORP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SUPER RETAIL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
OZ MINERALS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
NUFARM Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
COCA-COLA AMATIL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
APA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
GOODMAN Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ORIGIN ENERGY Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ILUKA RESOURCES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BRAMBLES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
DEXUS PROPERTY Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
QBE INSURANCE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
IOOF Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
IRESS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BENDIGO AND ADELAIDE BANK Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TRANSURBAN Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
G.U.D. Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CROWN Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BANK OF QUEENSLAND Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BREVILLE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CHALLENGER Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SUNCORP Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BLUESCOPE STEEL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WORLEYPARSONS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
PREMIER INVESTMENTS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CARSALES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
TREASURY WINE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
COMPUTERSHARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
INVOCARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MINERAL RESOURCES Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MONADELPHOUS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ORICA Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MCMILLAN SHAKESPEARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SEEK Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ARB Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CORPORATE TRAVEL MANAGEMENT Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
NEWCREST MINING Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SONIC HEALTHCARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ARISTOCRAT LEISURE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
JB HI-FI Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WOOLWORTHS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
BHP BILLITON Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ANZ Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WESTPAC BANKING Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WOODSIDE PETROLEUM Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CALTEX Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WESFARMERS Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
FLIGHT CENTRE TRAVEL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
PERPETUAL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CIMIC Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ASX Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
RAMSAY HEALTH CARE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
COMMONWEALTH BANK Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
MACQUARIE Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CSL Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.2-0.110
COCHLEAR Saham Asia-PasifikAustraliaAUD0.013105-0.2-0.210
CHINA OVERSEAS PROPERTY HOLD Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
LI & FUNG Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
KUNLUN ENERGY Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA UNICOM LTD Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CITIC Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
NEW WORLD DEV Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CATHAY PACIFIC Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
SINO LAND CO Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA RESOURCES POWER Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
HONG KONG & CHINA GAS Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
HANG LUNG PROPERTIES Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA MERCHANTS HLDGS INTL Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CHINA OVERSEAS LAND & INVEST Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHINA RESOURCES BEER Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
WHARF Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
BANK OF EAST ASIA Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
BOC Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
MTR Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
HENDERSON LAND Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
GALAXY ENTERTAINMENT Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
AIA Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CHEUNG KONG PROPERTY Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
LINK REIT Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SWIRE PACIFIC Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CHINA MOBILE Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
CLP Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CK HUTCHISON Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.1-0.110
SUN HUNG KAI Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.013105-0.2-0.110
HANG SENG BANK Saham Asia-PasifikHongkongHKD0.0150-0.2-0.210
MIZUHO FINANCIAL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.2-0.210
TOSHIBA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.4-0.310
SOJITZ Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.4-0.310
TOKYO ELECTRIC POWER Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.5-0.410
YAHOO JAPAN Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.5-0.410
RESONA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.7-0.510
NOMURA HOLDINGS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.7-0.510
DAIWA SECURITIES Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.7-0.610
MARUBENI Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.8-0.610
SUMITOMO CHEMICAL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.9-0.610
MITSUBISHI UFJ FINANCIAL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.9-0.610
FUJITSU Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-0.8-0.610
RICOH Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.1-0.810
KOBE STEEL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.1-0.810
KONICA MINOLTA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.1-0.810
NISSAN MOTOR Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.1-0.810
ASTELLAS PHARMA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.4-110
MAZDA MOTOR Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.5-1.110
CASIO Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.6-1.210
PANASONIC Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.7-1.210
MITSUI CO Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.8-1.410
ISUZU MOTORS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.9-1.410
MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-1.9-1.410
JTEKT Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.13105-1.9-1.410
SHINSEI BANK Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.13105-1.9-1.410
ITOCHU Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-2.1-1.510
AJINOMOTO Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-2.1-1.510
NIKON Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-2.3-1.710
TOKYO GAS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-2.6-1.910
NIPPON YUSEN Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.13105-2.8-210
HITACHI CAPITAL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-2.8-2.110
MITSUBISHI Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.1-2.310
NEC CORP Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3-2.210
MITSUI CHEMICALS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.6-2.710
IHI Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.7-2.710
KAWASAKI Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.9-2.810
MITSUBISHI MATERIALS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.9-2.910
HONDA MOTOR Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.8-2.810
SHARP Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-3.7-2.710
OLYMPUS Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-4.3-3.110
MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-4.1-310
CANON Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-4-310
SUMITOMO MITSUI TRUST Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.13105-4.4-3.310
SUMITOMO MITSUI FINANCIAL Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-4.8-3.510
TAIHEIYO CEMENT Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-4.7-3.510
SONY Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.137-5.2-3.810
BRIDGESTONE Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-5-3.710
SHISEIDO Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-5.2-3.910
NIPPON TELEGRAPH & TELEPHONE Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-5.1-3.810
NIPPON STEEL & SUMIKIN BUSSA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-6.5-4.810
TAISEI Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-5.4-410
SUZUKI MOTOR Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-6.3-4.710
TOYOTA MOTOR Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-7.1-5.210
KYOCERA Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-7.3-5.410
TDK Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-9.1-6.710
DAIKIN INDUSTRIES LTD Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-13.2-9.710
FANUC Saham Asia-PasifikJepangJPY0.150-27.8-20.410
GOLDEN AGRI-RESOURCES Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
GENTING Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
AIMS AMP CAPITAL Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SEMBCORP MARINE Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
COMFORTDELGRO Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CAPITALAND MALL Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
OLAM INTERNATIONAL Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.0013105-0.1-0.110
SINGAPORE PRESS Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
ASCENDAS REAL ESTATE Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
STARHUB Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SEMBCORP INDUSTRIES Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
WILMAR INTERNATIONAL Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SIA ENGINEERING Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SINGAPORE TECH ENGINEERING Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CAPITALAND Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SINGAPORE TELECOMMUNICATIONS Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SATS Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SINGAPORE EXCHANGE Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
KEPPEL CORP Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
UOL GROUP Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SINGAPORE AIRLINES Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
OVERSEA-CHINESE BANKING Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
CITY DEVELOPMENTS Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
DBS GROUP Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
UNITED OVERSEAS BANK Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
JARDINE CYCLE & CARRIAGE Saham Asia-PasifikSingapuraSGD0.013105-0.1-0.110
SimbolMin. Fluktuasi hargaUkuran LotRata-Rata HarianSwap PanjangSwap PendekLeverage
NAT.GAS 0.000110000 mmBTU4.25-4.270.091:100
WTI 0.0011000 Barrels4.49-0.6548-5.71731:100
BRENT 0.0011000 Barrels6.711.1-71:100
SimbolUkuran LotRata-Rata HarianSwap PanjangSwap PendekLeverage
XAGEUR 5000 Oz96.25-0.126-0.1371:100
XAGUSD 5000 Oz57.03-0.6240.2471:100
XPTUSD 100 Troy Oz140.461031051:100
XPDUSD 100 Troy Oz351.451031051:100
XAUEUR 100 Oz13.69-1.666-2.9871:100
XAUUSD 100 Oz9.36-13.871.721:100
Akun trading Fondex memiliki fitur kondisi trading yang luar biasa, memiliki beberapa opsi untuk manajemen pesanan standar dan lanjutan serta alat untuk meningkatkan efisiensi trading Anda.

Fondex Trading Account

Trading Platform

Fondex cTrader

(per 100K of traded volume)

  • $2.5 (per side for Forex, Energies & Precious Metals 0 commissions for Shares, Indices, ETFs)

Spreads from

0.0 pips


    Up to 1:500 for Retail and Professional Clients

Micro Lot Trading

    Available for:

  • Forex, Precious Metals, Energies & Cryptocurrencies
  • The minimum trade size for Shares, Indices and ETFs is 1 Lot.


  • Forex
  • Saham
  • Indeks
  • Logam Mulia
  • Energi
  • ETFs
  • Mata Uang Kripto

Available Instruments


Stop Out Level


Minimum Deposit


One-Click Trading


Grafik Trading


Hedging Allowed


Types of Order Execution

  • Market, stop, limit and stop-limit orders
  • Buka Market Order
  • Stop Loss dan Take Profit order
  • Trailing Stop Loss order
  • One Cancels the Other
  • Waktu Dalam Hari
  • Baik sampai Hari

Trading Methods

Manual, Copy and Automated Trading

Cross-Device Trading

Yes, you can trade on Fondex cTrader web, desktop and mobile.
Pelajari lebih lanjut

Swap-Free Option

Fondex offers a swap-free option to all clients of Muslim faith. In order to apply, please fill out the swap-free application form and send it to , along with a proof of Faith.


Trading involves risk of loss

Waktu trading

Kelas asetinstrumenWaktu trading
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 22:01 - 21:57 dengan istirahat 21:59 - 22:01
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 23:01 - 21:57 dengan istirahat 22:00 - 23:00
WTIMINGGU - JUM'AT 23:01 - 21:57 dengan istirahat 22:00 - 23:00
BRENTMINGGU - JUM'AT 01:01 - 21:57 dengan istirahat 22:00 - 01:00
NAT.GASMINGGU - JUM'AT 23:01 - 21:57 dengan istirahat 22:00 - 23:00
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 14:30 - 21:00
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 14:30 - 21:00
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 14:30 - 21:00
SEMUAMINGGU - JUM'AT 08:00 - 16:30
JAPANMINGGU - JUM'AT 00:00 - 02:30 dan 03:30 - 06:00
HONG KONGMINGGU - JUM'AT 01:30 - 04:00 dan 05:00 - 08:00
AUSTRALIA 200MINGGU - JUM'AT 01:00 - 21:00
EUROPE 50MINGGU - JUM'AT 07:00 - 21:00
FRANCE 40MINGGU - JUM'AT 07:00 - 21:00
GERMANY 30MINGGU - JUM'AT 23:00 - 21:00 dan 21:15 - 22:00
HONG KONG 50MINGGU - JUM'AT 01:30 - 04:00 dan 25:00 - 15:45
ITALY 40MINGGU - JUM'AT 08:00 - 16:50
JAPAN 225MINGGU - JUM'AT 01:00 - 21:00
SPAIN 35MINGGU - JUM'AT 08:00 - 19:00
UK 100MINGGU - JUM'AT 07:00 - 21:00
US 30MINGGU - JUM'AT 23:00 - 21:00 dan 21:15 - 22:00
US 500MINGGU - JUM'AT 23:00 - 21:00 dan 21:15 - 22:00
UC TECH 100MINGGU - JUM'AT 07:00 - 21:00

Ikhtisar Ketentuan Dasar

Swap rate adalah bunga yang dibayarkan atau diperoleh karena mempertahankan posisi semalaman. Dalam trading mata uang, nilai tukar ditentukan oleh jenis trading Anda (pendek atau panjang) dan perbedaan suku bunga overnight antara kedua mata uang tersebut. Dalam trading Saham atau Indeks CFD, biaya penyimpanan berdasarkan pada faktor-faktor lain seperti suku bunga antar bank untuk mata uang aset yang relevan. Swap positif hanya dibayarkan pada posisi “Buy” tetapi sejumlah instrument besar memiliki nilai tukar negatif pada posisi “Buy” dan “Sell”. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut mengenai swap, silakan klik di sini.

Leverage is the mechanism by which you can control a large amount of money using a small Deposit currencies:t. For example, if your trading account has a 1:30 leverage, every 1 currency unit controls 30 units in the market. Assuming that you have $1000 in your account, 1:30 leverage would allow you to control a $30,000 position, magnifying your exposure and therefore the probability of profits or losses. Fondex enables you to trade with leverage up to 1:500. The level of leverage you may use depends on your trading experience, your balance and the maximum leverage given for the instrument you wish to trade.

Trading volume is the amount of a financial asset that you take on a trade. For example, in Forex, trading volume refers to how many lots or currency units you take on a particular trade. When trading currencies on Fondex cTrader, the minimum trading volume is 0.01 lots or 1000 currency units.

When trading Shares, trading volume or position size is how many shares you buy or sell on a particular trade. In Fondex cTrader, position size is measured either in lots or share units. The minimum trade size for Share CFDs is 1 lot, which equals to 1 share. For more information regarding trading volume, please choose the market you are interested to trade and view the relevant question under the FAQ section.

The spread is the difference between the quoted Bid and Ask price. The Bid price is the price that you sell an instrument for, while the Ask price is the price you buy an instrument at.

Margin merupakan deposit dengan itikad baik, sejumlah dana yang diperlukan yang harus Anda pertahankan agar posisi Anda tetap terbuka. Persyaratan margin meningkat ketika volume perdagangan Anda meningkat dan untuk mencegah panggilan margin, Anda harus secara teratur memantau margin Anda dan menyesuaikan posisi Anda sesuai.

Margin Digunakan adalah jumlah total ekuitas akun yang digunakan untuk semua posisi terbuka Anda.

Margin Bebas adalah selisih antara ekuitas dan margin. Singkatnya, yaitu jumlah ekuitas yang Anda miliki untuk trading dan tidak termasuk pada margin untuk posisi terbuka. Margin bebas berfluktuasi sesuai dengan pergerakan floating profit dan rugi; ketika Anda mendapatkan profit maka ekuitas akan meningkat, dan margin bebas Anda juga meningkat. Ketika Anda rugi, ekuitas Anda menurun demikian pula margin bebas Anda.

Tingkat Margin adalah rasio persentase dari ekuitas yang tersedia dibandingkan dengan margin yang digunakan.

Ketika ekuitas akun Anda turun di bawah 50% dari margin yang dibutuhkan, kami akan memberi tahu Anda dengan margin call bahwa Anda tidak memiliki cukup dana untuk menjaga posisi Anda tetap terbuka. Pada saat itu, Anda dapat memperbaiki situasi dengan melakukan deposit atau menutup beberapa posisi Anda.

With regular platforms, if your margin is not enough to maintain your open positions, the position with the largest loss gets automatically closed. On Fondex cTrader, your position gets closed only partially, just as much as it's needed to restore your required margin. In that way, your trading account is protected for as long as possible. Smart Stop Out on Fondex cTrader is triggered at 30%.