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Lowest cTrader commissions & volume rebates

We reduce your trading costs so you have a real chance to succeed

Raw spreads desde 0.0 pips
Raw spreads desde 0.0 pips
Our ultra-low spreads on Forex, Energies and Metals allow you to reduce your operating costs and increase your account's performance.
The lowest cTrader commissions in the market
The lowest cTrader commissions in the market
Fondex offers the lowest commissions to trade on cTrader, further decreasing your transaction costs.
The more you trade, the higher the reductions on your commissions
The more you trade, the higher the reductions on your commissions
We reward loyal clients and active traders with volume rebates.
High Leverage up to 1:500
High Leverage up to 1:500
Having higher leverage allows you to use less margin and trade with a smaller capital.

Your commissions' reductions in detail

Trading with Fondex means that you get transparent pricing and reliable execution at all times. In addition, you can benefit from volume-based commission reductions as indicated in the table below:
Comisiones por mil.$25$21.87$18.75$12.50
Volumen (en millones)0-49.9950-249.99250-500500+
MercadosForex, Energías y Metales

Entendiendo el volumen de negociación

Información de Órdenes, Posiciones y Negociaciones
  • El tamaño de la posición o el volumen de negociación es la cantidad de lotes o unidades de divisa que usted toma en una determinada negociación. Al negociar divisas en Fondex cTrader, el volumen mínimo es 0,01 lotes o 1000 unidades de divisa.
  • Al negociar Metales, el volumen de negociación se refiere a la cantidad de lotes o onzas troy que usted toma en una negociación en particular. El tamaño m;inimo que usted puede negociar en Fonex cTrader es 0.01 lotes o 1 onza.
  • With regards to Energies, crude oil is traded in either barrels or lots. The minimum size you can trade is 0.01 lots or 10 barrels. Natural gas is traded in either MMBtu or lots and the minimum tradable size is 0.01 lots or 100 MMBtu.

Please note that, although Forex, Metals and Energies are traded in different measurement units, the platform converts your total volume in million USD, and your reductions get automatically applied once you reach the level mentioned in the table above.

What are the benefits of trading Forex, Metals and Energies with commission-based pricing versus spread only?

  • Nuestros precios son transmitidos por Proveedores de Liquidez Nivel 1, asegurando que usted siempre obtiene sreads ultrabajos. En vez de inventar nuestros precios, preferimos ofrecerle raw spreads y con ello, la ventaja de una transparencia completa en los precios.
  • Commissions can be reduced based on how much you trade thus minimising your overall trading costs