Copy 400+ strategies
Access hundreds of strategies for more than 1000 instruments across 7 asset classes.
Select top performers
Use our reporting tools to rank strategies according to performance and select the most suitable for your circumstances.
Stay Protected
The system uses sophisticated calculations to keep your exposure at an optimal level for your account.
Combine with other methods
Our integrated platform allows you to combine copying with manual and automated trading, depending on your preferences.
If you'd like to trade but don’t have the knowledge or the time to analyse the markets, copy trading may be the answer for you.
What is copy trading?
As the name implies, copy trading enables you to copy tested strategies from othertraders. Your trades are opened and closed automatically, mirroring your strategy provider's account, while you retain full control over managing and modifying them. You are also in control of stopping the entire copying process or closing selected positions.

Copy strategies for 1000+ instruments and 7 asset classes

900+ Global Shares
With over 900 shares to choose from, the Fondex investor can be well-diversified. Copy trading strategies for Apple, Amazon or other major stocks and expand your trading repertoire.
15 Leading Indices
Fondex offers CFDs on leading indices like the Germany 30 and UK100. Copy the strategies of savvy investors and add this popular asset class to your portfolio.
80+ Currency Pairs
Forex daily traded volume averages $5 trillion. Since so many investors trade forex, you can never run out of strategies to follow. Copy strategies on major, minor and exotic pairs and be part of the world's most liquid market!
Popular Commodities
Fondex offers CFDs on Gold, Silver, Crude Oil and Gas. Enter these popular markets by copy trading and cut through the complexities of market analysis.
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Trading involves risk of loss

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Core Advantages of Fondex cTrader Copy

Easy strategy selection
Once you select the right strategy, you can start copying it with the click of a button.
Complete Control
Start and stop copying at your will.
Intelligent Risk Management
Based on an intelligent risk management model, the system automatically recalculates your position size to adjust it to your available resources.
Flexible Allocation of Funds
Increase or decrease the funds that are allocated to a specific strategy without stopping the copying of the strategy.
Absolute Transparency
View the full history of all your open and closed positions.
Separate Copying Accounts
With every strategy automatically placed in Separate Copying Accounts, you can efficiently manage risk and apply your Equity Stop Losses per individual strategy rather than for the entire account.

Select a Strategy to Copy

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Trading involves risk of loss

How to start copy trading with Fondex

Launch Fondex cTrader to open an account
Verify your account and deposit funds
Select the “Copy” option
Choose a suitable strategy and start copying

Frequently Asked Questions

You can evaluate strategies based on

  • Return on Investment or ROI- the percentage of income the strategy has generated during the chosen period in relation to the account's initial balance.
  • Strategy age- how long this specific strategy has been traded.
  • Strategy popularity- how many people are currently copying this strategy or have copied it in the past.
  • Profit percentage- daily and weekly profit in percentage format.
  • Average pips won per trade- can give you an idea about trading style( short-term, intraday, swing etc.)
  • Maximum drawdown- the strategy's biggest consecutive loss in percentage format.
  • Profit factor -the ratio of total net profit divided by total net loss and more.
Besides the obvious choice of popular and high-ROI strategies, you may also take into account your personal trading goals and risk tolerance.
  It depends on the strategy you choose. Some providers give their strategy free of charge while others charge you a fee.
  1. Launch Fondex cTrader.
  2. Select the 'Copy' option.
  3. Choose a strategy and click 'Start copying'.
  4. To stop, click 'Stop copying'.

When you start following a strategy, all the existing open positions of the strategy will be opened for your Copy Trading Account with the current market rates, and all the strategy actions will start being copied. In some cases, the copying mechanism may undergo some exceptions, as per below:

  • When the volume of a trade performed in a copied strategy is lower than the minimum trading volume allowed by the broker, the trade size will be defined based on the step allowed by the broker.
  • When the volume of a trade performed in a copied strategy is higher than the maximum ticket size allowed by the broker, then no position will be opened.
  • When the market is closed for a certain symbol trading in a strategy, the position for such symbol will be open only when the market is opened.
  • In case of insufficient margin on your account, the position will not be copied.
  • Step 1. Click Open Account.
  • Step 2. Fill in your email, password and phone number.
  • Step 3. Launch the platform and fund your account to start trading!
  • Please note that you will need to verify your account within 15 days from initial contact.