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    1. With the Paris Air Show in June of this year, Boeing could make a splash and gather investors to pour in large sums if they have something to show for in that time. 2. The 787 Dreamliner was Boeing's best-selling aircraft family in the first five months of 2019, with 28 net firm orders, including a 20-aircraft deal with Lufthansa. Prior to announcing the IAG order, Boeing reeled in a pair of new deals for this popular widebody aircraft family. This order will significantly increase Boeing's share of the Korean Air Lines widebody fleet, and hence, increase its revenue.
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Trading CFDs involves significant risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

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Trading involves risk of loss

US based multinational corporation that is well known for its airplanes, but on the other hand, designs, manufactures and sells rotorcrafts, rockets, satellites, comms gear, and missiles.It was founded in 1916 as Pacific Aero Products Co. , but has since changed its name to The Boeing Company. The Boeing company has a long and interesting history, and has tried to reduce the carbon footprint of the commuter jet with varying levels of success.Being that it's such an old company, it has a scandal or two under its belt, but have risen back despite them. The two Boeing 737 MAX crashes, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 and Lion Air Flight 610, share something in common with Lufthansa Flight 1829 on November 2014, which rapidly lost 4,000 feet in altitude before the pilots regained control. In all three cases, computer-controlled systems erroneously detected an aircraft stall was about to take place and suddenly pushed the nose down, causing a steep descent.

1. Boeing did really have a few tumbles this year, most notably the production of their 737 Max taking a massive blow with orders dwindling. 2. The crash of the Ethipoian Airlines 737 Max has had an impact on the company as well, with many doubting them as of now. Since the beginning of the year, Boeing stock was 310.90USD at its lowest point, it has since had a rise with a peak of 440,62 at the beginning of March, but soon fell again, after the fatal crash.

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